Toyama Sustainable City
Brand Event Identity

Toyama is a city facing a problem of an ageing and decreasing population. The city is now going through redevelopment, by introducing a functional transportation system connecting North and South. The new transport system makes the city united, compact and sustainable. The goal of the identity is to reactivate the dying city.

I developed an identity through a custom logo font for Toyama city inspired by the fundamental shape of dots and lines extracted from a new train system and the graphics that deconstructed areas divided by train lines and the shape of Toyama in order to promote Toyama as a sustainable city.

Individual letters of Toyama as if they are trees on a mountain reflect the meaning of Toyama as a ‘rich mountain’. The identity type is placed vertically in order to communicate the train system that connects the North and South and the Japanese vertical writing system. Also reflecting the visual language of a mountain.

Art&Creative Direction
Tomoko Monno

Tomoko Monno

Toyama City