Branding&OOH Campaign

BBC Sounds launched the new personalised music, radio and podcast app, all in one place. A new app that offers thousands of hours of BBC content in one place.

We worked on developing BBC sounds brand identity and OOH campaign. The branding expresses the unique way in which BBC Sounds unites all audio content in one place.  The campaign communicates and promotes the versatility and functionality of the personalised nature of the app by the visual language in order to reflect the expressive, creative and personal experience of the BBC Sounds app.

Art&Creative Direction Mother Design
Design (In this website) Tomoko Monno
Animation (In this website) Tomoko Monno

Toyama Sustainable City
Brand Event Identity

Audio Description Service
Promotional Video

Rebranding, Identity System

BBC In Person
Brand Identity

BBC Three Perfect Day
OOH Campaign